PhotoMint Affiliate Program

PhotoMint creates educational products for photographers.

If you think your readers and fans would benefit from our products, sign up as an affiliate to earn a 40% commission on every sale you make.

Here's How it Works:

If someone purchases one or our products from a link, ad banner or promotion on your site, you will get 40% of the sale. It's very easy, and all tracked and managed by a third party company called E-junkie. Additionally, when you send someone to us through one of your links, and they buy any of our products within the next 6 months, you will earn 40% on those sales too.  Affiliate commissions are paid monthly, 4 weeks after the close of the prior month.

All you need to do is sign up for affiliate account here-the process is super simple.

Steps to becoming an affiliate for PhotoMint:

1] Sign up to the PhotoMint Affiliate Notification List to the right

2] Create an affiliate account here: E-junkie Affiliate Program – Sign Up Here

3] Choose banners below that best fit your site (or email us if you need something in a different size)

4] Generate your affiliate link(s) on E-junkie for the products you want to promote (see below for more details)

5] Promote the book to your readers and fans via Facebook, Twitter, email and your blog.

6] Be sure to use your link in all promotions so you get credit for sales.

7] Get more interest by writing a product/book review on your blog. Contact us for a link to a review copy of the product you wish to promote.

8] Participate in occasional sales and pass savings on to your readers.

E-junkie – How to Get Affiliate Link

1] Login to your E-junkie account, click “Get Affiliate Code”

2] Select “” in dropdown box, then click “Get Affiliate Code”

3] Choose the product you want to promote in the dropdown box and click “Get Affiliate Code”

4] E-junkie will generate HTML affiliate code that you can use as is, or the preferred method is to extract the URL and use it along with any of the images below.

Example E-Junkie generated code:

<a href=”″ target=”ejejcsingle”>Click here to view more details</a>

Take just the URL:

And use this URL as the link for any of the images below.

If you have any troubles creating affiliate links or using the images below, please Contact Us

Product Images & Banner Ads

Contact us if you don't find the size you need below.

Get Connected: Build Relationship to Drive Your Business  [eBook]

150 x 200 - Transparent Background

250 x 330 - Transparent Background

125 x 125

160 x 600

300 x 100

125 x 125

300 x 380 - Note that the width of the pink background on this image is 265 pixels, with the Book extending 35 pixels off the right side.

468 x 60

468 x 190

728 x 90



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