Become a Photographer: Beginner Start-Up Guide

Are you trying to learn how to become a wedding photographer? We’ll introduce the key concepts you need to understand when you are starting a photography business. This is photography 101 for anyone studying how to be a photographer professionally.

Everything from considerations for starting a portrait versus a wedding photography business, shooting a wedding, setting up pricing and other essentials for when you are just starting out.

Planning and Preparing for Your Business-Before:

As you start exploring the idea of a photography business, you'll want to give serious consideration to the type of business you will run. Don't jump in blindly; instead consider the different lifestyles and pros and cons to each type of niche.

Marketing Your Photo Business:

A big part of a photography business is marketing. In order to get clients, you have to do marketing, plain and simple. Otherwise, it will not be a business, as you will not have clients. There are many different types of photography marketing strategies you can put in place, and part of the process is trying out a few to see what fits best with your business and your style.

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Setting Up Your Photo Business:

Once you decide you are ready to go full steam ahead, you need to consider the day to day operations of running a studio. This might not seem important when you only have a few or no clients, but that is the best time to set up the structure. In no time at all, you'll likely be buried with work and to do's coming at you from every direction, so organize yourself so you can run a well planned and streamlined photo business. Learn about strategic planning, contracts, studio management and more.
Shooting a Wedding:
How to approach the wedding day and the actual shoot is one of the most nerve racking aspects of becoming a photographer. Instead of shooting for yourself, a lovely couple is counting on you to create magic with your camera. Learn the three step system to shooting a wedding and you will be much calmer and more prepared when the big day rolls around.
Photography Consultations, Sales and Booking Clients:
Now that you have a real business, you have to go out and get portrait and wedding clients. Learn some of the best tips and tricks for how to book weddings and portraits, how to do great wedding consultations and general advice for booking new clients.
Technical Stuff:
If you need to master your camera settings, I recommend this super easy guide to learning the technical side of your camera. It's written for techno-phobes, so if that's you, you will LOVE this guide.


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