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Become A Photographer — PhotoMint

Become A Photographer

Photographing FireworksReady to get out there and enjoy a fireworks show with your family? Want to know how to shoot fireworks? No problem! Here is a very simple and easy list of fireworks photography tips that will have you creating gorgeous images in no time. Depending on where you are in the world, that could happening very soon (Hello Montreal!). It's super easy to get started on photographing
fireworks, just follow these quick steps:

How to Photograph Fireworks:

  1.  Use a tripod
  2. Turn your flash off
  3. Use a zoom lens if you can (until the fireworks start, you won't know exactly where in the sky the fireworks will appear).
  4. Shoot in manual mode
  5. Use a low ISO like 50 or 100

A Photographer's 3 Step System for Add-On Sales

You can add significant income to your bottom line by designing and offering a great selection of add-on products for your customers. However, in order to sell them, you will need to develop your sales tools, create a sales environment and plant the seeds for a sale.

wedding albums

Adding extra pages to the wedding album is the best way to increase your income with wedding photography.

Have you been thinking about how to increase your studio's revenue? After sales is a fantastic way to do it. There are three steps you need to make it work for your studio. Your photography business should always be growing and improving-here's how to grow your profits.


A guest post by Vivian Chen.

One question that clients often ask is “How many images are we going to get?” When you are starting out, you may also be wondering what is the proper amount of photos to release to your clients. Having worked with a lot of different photographers, everyone has their own final amount. Some may release all the unedited shot images to the client while also releasing a small set amount that have been edited and color corrected. Others may  release only a set amount of edited and color corrected images to the client.

When thinking about the numbers, you must keep in mind the variables that come into play such as the amount of coverage hours, number of photographers shooting and amount of events covered. Obviously a three hour elopement wedding shoot will have significantly less images than a two-day Indian wedding celebration. Each event will have a different total to be released to your clients.


A guest post by Vivian Chen.

I have been working for other photographers for over the past five years. Within that time, I have been able to connect and work with a lot of other photographers in the Bay Area. I have worked both in the studio doing post-production editing and album design as well as second shooting for other photographers. The obvious end result of this is that I have seen and edited a lot of wedding photos. I would guess the total would be in the millions at this point. And while that number might make you dizzy to think, all those photos I've seen and edited are a valuable resource as a photographer.


cover of Weddings: From Snapshots to Great ShotsI recently had the opportunity to catch up with friend and fellow photographer Suzy Clement, a San Francisco wedding photographer whose work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Town and Country Weddings and InStyle Weddings, to name a few. As the author of the recently released book Weddings: From Snapshots to Great Shots
, Suzy writes about core shooting basics in a very accessible manner (if you are secretly tech-challenged, you'll get this). For new photographers considering the wedding industry, this book is a great introduction to the fundamentals of photography within the context of a typical wedding day.