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Why should you attend WPPI 2013?

If you've never been, let me break it down for you. WPPI is in Las Vegas, NV every year and takes place in the MGM Grand. The expo takes place Monday through Wednesday. Some people go and stay more than a full week and some people only come for the vendor expo. It is fully up to you and your schedule. Whichever you choose, you will be inundated with an overwhelming amount of information, fun, deals and TONS of photographer friends you haven't met yet!

Today's guest post comes from Melanie Shields, and she shares why she thinks  every wedding should have a complimentary engagement session.

Prior to 2008 I didn't offer a complimentary engagement session.  I still remember the date I decided all wedding packages would now include engagement sessions and it was October 6th, 2007.

Once during the bride’s preparations I said, “let’s see your big smile,” she turned to me with a disgusted look on her face and remarked, “we don’t smile.” I think I’m still in shock! I realized I was doing a disservice to my clients by not knowing their needs. I didn't know how they liked to be photographed, poses that worked for them, in this case how they smiled even and what they were truly looking for in their wedding day photographs.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider including complimentary engagement sessions if you don’t already.


This week’s article comes to us from G.E. Masana is a NYC based wedding photographer and author of “Advertise and Sell Your Wedding Photography” published by Marathon Press. His roster of clients have spanned from the Beauty Editor of ELLE to actors, cinematographers, and even a NYC art gallery owner. He was previously was on “The List” of contributing photographers for Martha Stewart Weddings. NYC Wedding Photographer.

When noted wedding photographer Joe Buissink meets with prospective wedding couples, he doesn’t merely sell his service by detailing specifications. In other words, his presentation isn’t about telling couples that he’ll go to the park for bride and groom portraits or that they’ll receive thirty 8x10s in a leather album.

Then again, maybe he does mention some of these specifics… but my point is that’s not what his presentation’s selling.



With the holidays upon us, now is the perfect time to offer your clients a special deal while earning some extra holiday cash for yourself. We have been offering a 2-1 print sale for our clients every November, and once we figured out how to make it work, we've had great success with it and I wanted to share it with you. We typically do anywhere from $3,000-5,000 in print sales during this once a year promotion, and it's so easy to do.

We had tried this type of a promotion in the past without much success; we found the difference is in how you promote it. Don't worry about bothering your clients with too many emails, because most orders come in on the last day of the sale, after we send out a final email reminder to get their orders in. Here's how you can do it:


Looking for some awesome Black Friday deals? You got it!