Shooting a Wedding

How Networking led to our Biggest Career BreakYou know by now that networking is important right? It's one of the best ways the best way to start your photography marketing, period. In the following video, I share the story of how a single networking event (and my first actually) led to our studio landing the job to photograph a major baseball player's wedding. And that wedding led to us photographing another major baseball player's wedding. Plus a bunch of other weddings actually.

Networking is the foundation of vendor relationships. It's where you have the opportunity to meet and mingle, get to know people outside the hectic event day. Networking can be very powerful when done right. It's why I want you to network for your own business. Attend events, talk to strangers and then follow up. So many great things are in store for your business, but YOU have to get out there and make it happen.

This is the story of how we made it happen-how we launched our wedding photography business. And how networking led to us meeting one of our favorite people in the industry who became one of our biggest fans and supporters. It completely changed the course of our career.

I promised another video soon, here it is. If you enjoy this video, I would LOVE for you to share it. I need that kind of positive reinforcement to keep doing more videos!

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Getting More from Your Sessions: 6 Quick TipsWe've talked before about how important it is to streamline your business so you have time to do something other than work. Learning how to get more accomplished in less time means you'll have more time to spend on the things you love. However, you'll also have a much more profitable business because you'll have time for the things you need to do, like photography marketing and promotion.


This is part 3 of a 6 part series on husband and wife photography teams. In this series I highlight many of the struggles Geoff and I faced as husband and wife business partners and how we overcame them. Look for the series posts on Fridays.

Determine if the Arrangement is a Partnership or “Helping Out”


When you work with your spouse, it’s important to determine and get agreement on if this is a partnership or if one person is just helping the other person out. Is there a boss or will all decisions be made jointly? This is key to consider and discuss. If one partner begin helping the other out, that can eventually lead to a partnership, but the waters get murky along the way. If your spouse is coming home from their 9-5 to help out on the side, they may feel that they are doing you a favor to help you.


Preparing for Your First WeddingYou’ve been trying to break into the photo business for a few months now. After many dedicated months of studying the business of photography, playing with your equipment and convincing family members to model for you, you finally have your very first gig!

This could be shooting a wedding of a friend or co-worker who didn't have the budget for a pro, or you could be tagging along as a second shooter. Doesn't matter. This is your first wedding and you want to make it count!


image file naming schemeWhen you are just starting to shoot weddings, you may not realize the importance of having a good image numbering system. However, after a couple years (and thousands of images later) You'll realize the need to organize your images and use a solid photo numbering system.

Let's say you want to organize images for a new website-how are you going to do that if you choose several images that are named 37 or 322? It's not going to work-I can tell you that from experience. You need to have a good way to organize and file name your images so that you can always reference certain details from the image just by reading the file name.