15 Tips for Superior Customer Service

Running a photography business can bring many joys; at the same time, you are dealing with people during one of the most stressful times in their lives. Weddings are more expensive than people anticipate, and there are a lot of family dynamics at play which can cause unexpected stress related to the wedding. Use these top tips to keep the bridzillas at bay.

  • Don't be late ever – not for any part of the process with a client. Prepare and plan out your time so you can avoid being late. This just sets a bad tone for a client and makes them think you don't care or that you cannot be trusted to get to their wedding on time.
  •  Always call a client versus emailing when you can– one on one human interaction is a key component to connecting with your clients and building your bond. This is especially important for discussing sensitive issues.
  • Always put the client first – make them feel special, unique, and happy with all of your services. Be understanding of what they are going through.
  •  If a client calls you and says they have an “urgent” request, concern, or question call them back right away – don't wait.
  • Clients love getting handwritten thank you's – send them a card for their birthday, anniversary, thanks, or just because…it sets a good professional tone and a sense of individualism.
  •  Don't forget equipment the day of a shoot – double check and plan the night prior.
  • Don't tell them their hair looks bad, their attire is wrong, or that you don't like their makeup – whatever it is that isn't working on them the day of the shoot, just work around the elements best you can. Pointing out a flaw that can't be easily fixed could be detrimental to their confidence, spirit, and own ideas so avoid any kind of criticism.
  • Don't avoid discussing a past due bill. Phone them to take care of payment issues and confusion.
  • Don't ever hang up on a client. Even when the client is being rude to you, sometimes they just need an opportunity to vent.
  •  Always say please, thank you, and your welcome.
  • Always listen with a sense of care to what they are saying – don't doodle, read the paper, or just say “uh-huh” to them as a response for everything.
  • Voice your opinions with care, concern, and grace.
  • Avoid being combative, aggressive, or rude.
  • Appear polished and professional to a client in how you speak, look, and address them.
  •  Always remember that the “client is always right” applies to 90% of your job. This does not include when clients question your written policies and prices. Don't be a pushover and let clients tell you how to do your job.
  • What's your favorite customer service tip? Please share with us!

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