Blogging Ideas Part 3-Desperately Seeking Content

By popular demand, here's another post on what to put on your photography blog. Apparently a lot of you have been suffering quietly. I've heard from photographers who had not updated their blogs in 3, 8, 10 months and even longer (!). The problem is once you start to let it slide, then you feel guilty about it, which only drives the procrastination cycle. Well never fear, more ideas are coming your way this minute.

Here's the thing: we photographers are at a SERIOUS advantage over all the others bloggers out there in the world blogging their little hearts out day in and day out. What's that advantage, you say? Well a photo library at your disposal, of course.

With thousands of photos at your disposal, you should have no problem whatsoever coming up with creative content for your blog. One of the ways our studio does this is with posts related to a particular topic, or highlighting a certain wedding element. For example, here are 2 examples of blog posts that feature a theme (grooms style and autumn wedding ideas) and then pull images from various weddings to put together a collection of the best images that represent those ideas:

Note that if you are interested in this idea, it really helps to either have a tagging system for your images or a really excellent memory. Personally, I happen to be able to recognize cakes and bouquets by wedding, even 8 years back. My brain just works that way.

Another approach is to pull from other sources, like photographer Edyta Szyszlo does:

Edyta is very crafty herself and she probably spends a lot of time on sites like Martha Stewart, Etsy and Pinterest. So sharing the ideas and trends she sees is a natural extension of her own personality.

Without further ado, here are 33 ideas to keep you blogging through the next couple of months and beyond:

1. Bridal dress styles
2. Grooms cakes
3. Lounges
4. Bouquets-brides
5. Bouquets-bridesmaids
6. Dessert bars feature
7. Candy bars feature
8. Invitation ideas
9. Cute favors round-up
10. Seasonal theme ideas
11. Hair ornaments
12. Bridal wraps, shrugs
13. Bridesmaids dresses
14. Signature drinks
15. After dinner bars
16. Pew and aisle décor
17. Signage
18. Transportation ideas
19. Shoes
20. Flower girl baskets
21. Makeup styles
22. Hair styles-updos
23. Hair styles-curly hair
24. Hair styles-short hair
25. Boutonnieres
26. Ties
27. Suits
28. Tuxedos
29. Escort card tables
30. Menus
31. Centerpieces
32. Lighting
33. Cupcakes

Brides are constantly searching for new ideas and trends, so if you begin posting wedding ideas and themes on your blog, you will get more traffic and exposure from brides all over, but most of that traffic will not be useful to you, as a bride 3 states away who has fallen in love with a groom's tie featured on your site is not likely to hire you. But a magazine editor searching for that perfect image might contact you about publishing one of your images (we've had that happen quite a few times).

If you are looking for even MORE blogging ideas, you can check out this post or this one.

Happy blogging. Ideas you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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