Photography Marketing: Book Yourself Solid for 2012

Last year was not easy for you, businesswise. I know you'd like to do things differently this year. A fresh start, a new path. And the timing—now—couldn't be better, right?

Running a photography business is hard work. It was supposed to be easy; what is it they say about doing what you love? The money will follow? Not quite. No one tells you how hard it's going to be. You've got a great product and not enough clients.

You know you can do it, but the problem is getting clients. Every year, you start over again to book more clients. Finding your path to success is not easy. Most businesses give up before they ever find that path. Photography is both the most rewarding and the most challenging business you could have chosen.

Like you, I struggled to find the best way to market my photography, and I pretty much tried everything. I wasted tens of thousands of dollars on ads that didn't work, didn't bring in a single lead. And then I started from scratch, again. Wasted more money, more time on things that didn't work. Each year I tried some new marketing method, hoping that the “throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and something will stick” method would eventually pan out.

Finally, I started to see one method that was working. So I put more time and effort into that method; it really began to take off. It changed everything. We started getting more and more leads, qualified leads. And booking all of a sudden became very easy. I started choosing the clients I wanted to work with. We were able to increase our package rates, work with fewer clients, and have more time for the things we wanted to do. I'm not saying it was all unicorns and rainbows; it was still hard work, no doubt. But knowing that you are able to make a living comfortably and that your business is secure because your year is booked solid is a GREAT feeling.

Without access to proven methods, it's hard to succeed. How many years can you afford to waste struggling with hit-or-miss efforts to build your business, chalking up more failures than wins?

I have figured out the path to photography success, and I want to show you the way. I've documented a systematic playbook to our most successful marketing responsible for over 75% of our bookings for the past five years.

You've read about some of the incredible weddings we've photographed in my last book Get Published: A Guide for Wedding Photographers. This new book is the story behind the images, how we book those weddings. How we get on the referral lists. How we establish relationships with planners, floral designers, and venues. How we forged a relationship with just one planner that led to over a hundred thousand dollars in new business.

I lay it all out in great detail so you can easily follow the steps and make it work for you, whether you have been in the business for years or you are brand new. How to network, how to build relationships with event professionals, how to get on referral lists, how to partner with vendors, and the keys to tie it all together. If you follow these methods, you'll be getting enough qualified leads to keep you booked for the year.

A lot of industry insiders who have read the book are shocked that I am willing to share this kind of knowledge. “Why are you sharing this?” is one of the first questions I get, I'll answer that for you right here: I want you to succeed. I love this industry, and it's falling apart right before my eyes-it's rough out there. Photographers are failing left and right; people are following their dreams…right into bankruptcy. It's heartbreaking, especially when I know there is another way.

If you are ready to make 2012 the best year ever for your business, then this guide is going to be just what you need.  But take heed: It's no instant fix or a magic potion that is going to suddenly transform your business overnight. It's a step-by-step method in order to take your business from where it is now to thriving. If you are already doing well in terms of bookings, but would like to do better you'll find lots of great ideas to do that. Ideas that work.

If you are willing and ready to do the work to transform your business into a thriving success, then I will teach you how to do it. Let's get started.

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