Photography Marketing: How to Keep Your Blog Fresh during the Slow Season

Not sure how to fill your photography blog with interesting content during the slow season? There is so much more you can do with your blog besides highlights from recent sessions. You can educate clients and vendors, highlight your products and services, and showcase wedding ideas and trends.

Here is a long list of ideas meant to get your creative blogging juices flowing. Remember, just because you don’t have lots of sessions at the moment, doesn’t mean you can’t keep on blogging. Not every photographer blogs solely about their sessions. The best blogs out there are filled with inspiration from all sorts of places. And remember, your blog isnt just for showing clients a sneak peek of thier sesssion; your blog is a photography marketing vehicle that needs to run all winter long for you.

  1.  Seeing each other before ceremony-examples of who did and how great it was (you could even email a couple brides and ask for their feedback to include a quote or two)
  2. Importance of lighting in photos-show examples of a venue with and without additional lighting
  3. Color combo trends
  4. Boudoir sessions (great gift for husband, anniversary, etc.)
  5. Cupcakes, dessert trends
  6. How to get the most from your e-session (tips for the client)
  7. Makeup artist importance on the wedding day and its impact on photos
  8. Signature books (product suggestion)
  9. Importance of a timeline on the wedding day
  10. Autumn wedding ideas
  11. Recent customer experience you’ve had
  12. Bridal portrait sessions (session suggestion)
  13. Why is quality photography expensive (backup gear, insurance, lots of lenses, post production work, quality albums, well thought out designs, edited photos).
  14. Number of images received-quantity versus quality-editing for them is a service, setting client expectations
  15. Planners’ impact on a wedding (averted disasters, moms and brides relax)
  16. How to celebrate with your bridal party before ceremony (plenty of getting ready time, champagne toasts, etc.)
  17. Nice ways for groomsmen to enjoy the wait (cigars, poker, toast, handing out of gifts, etc.)
  18. Introduction to posing for engagement sessions
  19. Special entertainment at reception (caricature artist, samba dancers, Hawaiian dancer, belly dancers, etc.)
  20. How much time to plan for portraits (10 minutes versus 1 hour)
  21. Different types of couples, different types of photos (sexy, goofy & fun, quiet & intimate)
  22. Thank you cards (product suggestion)
  23. Summer wedding ideas
  24. Baby portraits (session suggestion)
  25. Save the Dates (product suggestion)
  26. Theme Ideas-(wine country, autumn, bees, etc.)
  27. Cultural elements ( Irish hand tying, Chinese tea ceremonies, Armenian plate breaking, etc.)
  28. Ties & boutonniere ideas
  29. DIY details
  30. Getting ready tips (hotel, clutter free, extra time, lay out dress, shoes, etc. pack purse ahead of time, order breakfast for group, etc.)
  31. Working in low light (how to get the most from your photography when you are getting married in a low lighting situation (use of prime lenses, portraits outdoors and/or prior to sunset)
  32. Church restrictions & how you adapt (long lenses, 2 photographers, use of wide angle, capture the rich architectural details such as stained glass windows, etc.)
  33. Favorite moments series
  34. Spring wedding trends & ideas
  35. New marketing pieces you want to announce
  36. Winter wedding trends
  37. Recent press
  38. Favorite bridal entrances
  39. Venue highlight series
  40. Shoes (yep, a whole post dedicated to lovely shoes)
  41. Bridal party portrait ideas
  42. Vendor highlight series
  43. Cutest kid moments
  44. Personalization ideas

And there you have it. 44 ideas for new content on your blog. That’s three posts a week for almost four months. Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to just new session images. Use your blog to speak. Educate your clients, highlight products and sessions you want to sell, strengthen vendor partnerships and inspire planning brides. Once you get started, you’ll never stop. Now get to writing.

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