Tips For Making The Most Of Your Facebook Fan Page

Make The Most Of Your Facebook PageEven though more than 600 million people use Facebook, there's still a lot of confusion over using a fan page to promote your business.  Most people know that fan pages are there. They just don't have a clue how to set one up or what to do with it when they do.

Give visitors a reason to Like your fan page:  Your goal is to get visitors to Like your fan page so they can see your updates in your news stream.  Then you want to provide some really great content so they'll want to share it with their friends.

Use plug-ins or widgets to automatically feed each of your new blog posts to your fan page. Or just manually enter the links. Either way, each time you add new content to your fan page, it automatically pops up in the news feed of all your followers.

Ask questions that will encourage your followers to post answers and share with their friends.

Make visitors Like your fan page: Go a step further. Set up a default Welcome page as the first page people see when they come to your fan page.  Include a graphic that tells visitors to Like your Fan page so they can access some really important piece of information like a coupon code or some really awesome wedding pictures.  If they want to see your great content, all they have to do is Like your page and they'll have access to everything.  The Facebook Help Center has all the information you need to set up iFrames (Facebook's answer to html) to create tabs and pages.

Even better, if you use shootQ to help streamline your photography business, you can even integrate their contact form on your fan page. Just go to your ShootQ settings page, scroll down to Integrations and click on the Facebook Link to allow access.

Host online events: Click on Events in the left sidebar of your fan page and invite all your followers to attend some special ‘event'. That event can be a real, physical, offline event if your followers are all local. Events can be holiday promotions, holiday ordering deadlines, bridal fairs you'll be at, mini sessions at a park, etc. Or you can post a link and invite everyone to visit a particular blog post or read all about your newest sales promotion. Don't overuse the Event feature but it's great because it notifies each of your followers individually that they need to visit your page to see what's going on.

We really like using Events to draw attention to special promos or some great new photos that we added to the site. Think of the Events feature like it's an extension of your email list. You manually choose who gets an invitation and the list includes not only the people who Liked your fan page, but everyone who's following your personal page, as well. So when you post an event, all of those people are sent an invitation and they can all then share it with their friends.

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