You’ve Got Press: 16 Different Ways to Get the Word Out

You’ve just gotten some kind of fantastic publicity. Congratulations! Getting press and publicity is an art unto itself, and you should be proud of yourself. Now that you've received some press, take the time to do some promotions so that you get the most benefit from the press and publicity. Getting a mention in your local paper or having an image published in a magazine is wonderful, and there are ways that you can get even more mileage for your studio. Here are more than a dozen ways to add longevity to your well-earned studio publicity.

  • Blog about it-be sure to credit the “vendor team” for making it happen; be sensitive to the fact that the other vendors may feel upset they did not receive a byline credit.
  • Email the blog post to the entire vendor team, thanking them for giving you such gorgeous work that was easy to get published (make the vendors your heroes).
  • Email the blog post to the bride & groom, encouraging them to forward it on.
  • Purchase several copies of the magazine and mail to the bride, and the venue, planner, florist or other key players.
  • Scan it so you can place on your blog & offer scans to each vendor for their publicity materials.
  • Mention in your newsletter if you have one
  • Mention your recent work getting published when out networking-you have to toot your own horn, or no one else will.
  • Mention on your Facebook fan page & twitter

Other promotional ideas:

  • Let other vendors you want to work with know that your work is getting published, and you “partner” with them to help them get publicity as well
  • Frame a piece with magazine cover & article for the studio
  • Frame magazine cover & article for key vendors or have made into a tabletop display
  • Have color tear sheets as part of your consult package
  • List recently published in your email signature
  • Include an “As Seen In” widget on your blog featuring a link to that blog post.
  • Dedicate a page on your website to showcase the editorial features.
  • Have a sample album made with a wedding that is being published in order to maximize the connection between your work and the magazine. We often have brides comment, “Oh, I saw this wedding in so-and-so magazine!”

What other ideas can you contribute to this list? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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