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The day to day operations of running a photography business require many hats and skillsets. You need to be studio manager, organizer, accountant, legal advisor, post production guru, customer service, the sales team and photographer, kid wrangler graphic designer, team leader and sometimes all in the same day. It can get crazy, especially during the busy season.

The danger is that with so many hats to wear, we often don’t realize we are running our business right into the ground. Are you thinking about putting together a photography business plan? Do you need tips for what to include in your wedding photography contract? While working on your craft and improving your skills as a photographer is important, it is even more important to spend time improving your photo business day to day operations. Things like streamlining production, organizing your office and clients, working with limited resources and knowing how to manage your budget are all skills you need to succeed as a business owner.

Here are some links to our most popular articles related to the day to day running of your studio.

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