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Photography Marketing & Sales is the cornerstone to any successful photography business. If you can’t sell your work, you probably aren’t going to make it as a business owner.

Many photographers mistakenly believe that a successful photography business is based on excellent photography skills alone. In order to thrive as a photo business owner, you must focus on sales and marketing. As a wedding photographer, you must learn how to book weddings. Sales is the lifeblood of your business, and marketing is the fuel to feed it. Photography marketing is not something you do once a year, but should be a consistent part of your business approach.

Marketing is something that needs to be built into your yearly plan and worked on throughout the year. It has a single purpose, and that is to bring you leads. Bringing in new clients is part one of sales. The other part of sales is creating new and appealing products to offer to your clients. Not only do they get great enjoyment of the images you have created, you also earn more profit, which helps you stay in business. For wedding photographers, album sales is a big piece of the after sales pie.

How to Book Weddings

There is an art to booking weddings. New clients do not simply walk in the door begging to hire you, no matter how good you are or how strong your reputation is. You have to work for every new client. Marketing will lead to inquiries and leads, but how do you actually turn those leads into booked weddings?

Client Consultations
How to Sell Wedding Albums
Wedding albums are one of the best ways to add profit to your studio. You've already photographed the wedding, so why not offer clients a beautiful way to enjoy their images? There are a number of different approaches to designing wedding albums, so learn how to do it profitably.
How to Get Published
Have you dreamed of having your work published? Have you had one or two weddings published and want to learn how to get more weddings published? I've written THE guide to getting weddings published, so you will find just about every answer to every question here. What makes editorial submissions such a great marketing strategy is what you do with the feature after you've been published. Learn how to market yourself using your own editorial features.
Social media marketing for photographers is in its own category because the tools and strategies used are very specific to online marketing.
How to Become a High End Photographer
Being a high-end wedding photographer is not for everyone, and it is certainly not as glamorous as it looks. If you think this is the right fit for your studio, learn some of the insider secrets to doing it well.
Photography Marketing Strategy

Download this great little freebie to avoid key mistakes and get more clients.

Marketing is one of the most important factors for determining the success of your studio. If you want to stay in business, you must master the art of marketing. Networking and vendor relationships and referrals are some of the very best marketing you can do as a photographer. Learn how to do it:

Sales Strategy
Learn key strategies to book more brides and more weddings. As your studio grows, naturally you'll want to increase your ability to book weddings.
Bridal Show Marketing
Bridal shows can work for photographers, although it's not my most highly recommended strategy. If you are going to do it, here's how.

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