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Bridal Show

Tips for Wedding Show Photography Booths

Wondering about how to do effective photography marketing at bridal shows?  We built our business on bridal shows, so we know how to get the most out of them. It’s all in the planning. Here are 7 bridal show tips to have the best bridal show experience this year. By spending time getting ready for the bridal show, you are going to have better results. Here's how:

1.Try to avoid being next to a cake booth (you cannot compete with free cake, and then you've got sticky fingers pawing your albums. Other booths to try to stay away from are the chain tuxedo rental places. They often bring a ‘team' of 5-10 people that literally snatch people away as they are coming down an aisle, and your booth gets completely passed over-not good at all. Same thing with a newbie DJ blasting music-people avoid that like the plague, and if your booth is next door, you’ll be passed up too as people rush past to get away from the noise.