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14 Ways to Promote Your Facebook PageIf you've set up a Facebook fan page, that's great. Now what?  Have you had any visitors? Or is your page just sitting there collecting dust? We've put together a list of some things you can do to get visitors and fans. Now, all you have to do is pick a few and get busy!

  1. Put a link in your email signature
  2. Put a link in your forum signatures
  3. Invite your Twitter followers by sending out your link in a tweet
  4. Promote your fan page on your Twitter page. To do this, you'll need to create a custom Twitter background. You can find information all over the Internet but really, all you have to do is create an image that's 1,920 pixels wide by 10,040 pixels high and then upload it through your Twitter settings menu.
  5. Use a blog post to invite visitors to join your Facebook fan page
  6. Put a big ‘Follow' button in the sidebar of your blog
  7. Put a Fan Page ‘Like' box widget on your blog – and make sure you set it to show images as well as counts
  8. Include your link in your various online profiles (Linked In, Google+ etc.)
  9. Put a link on your personal Facebook profile
  10. Put address on your business cards and stationery
  11. Put a link in your YouTube videos
  12. Ask your followers to share you’re your page with their friends
  13. Use the ‘Tell Your Friends' link on your Fan Page to import your contacts
  14. Email your list and ask them to follow your page

Getting people to visit your Facebook fan page is one thing. Getting them to actually like it is another. That takes a little more work and you'll need to create some great content. But you want them to Like your page so they'll be able to see the messages you post. So give them a reason to Like your page.

Ask questions that will interest your readers. For example, ask what colors they're using for their wedding. Ask if they have a theme or what song they plan to dance to for their first dance. Ask about funny wedding toasts or the worst thing that happened during the ceremony.

Ask people a question that requires only a one word answer, like, describe your dream wedding in one word, describe your dress in one word, etc.

Start some kind of word game. The ABC's of Wedding Etiquette would be a great game. Each person has to take the next letter of the alphabet and add an old wedding etiquette rule.

Post plenty of fresh, informative content that people will want to share with their friends. Remember, Facebook is a social network.  No matter how hard you work at setting up links here and installing widgets there, the bulk of the traffic to your fan page will be as a direct result of people sharing your page. So be sure to give them something worth sharing.

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