how to organize your weddings

A guest post by Vivian Chen.

Wedding season is upon us and it’s very easy for your studio to become completely disorganized and overwhelmed. With multiple clients with various dates, requests, timelines and orders to juggle, your workload can go from manageable to massive headache in a few days. The best way to avoid a mess is to have a simple organizational system to keep everything separate, neat and tidy.

One system that seems to work really well is having separate folders for each client. Even though can do the same with spreadsheets, there’s something about a tangible folder that you can stack next to your desk when you’re working and file away when you’re done. I’ve found that anytime I use a spreadsheet to track progress, it tends to get lost in the shuffle of open windows on my computer. I don't update them in a timely fashion and then they cease to be useful. An actual physical file folder is harder to ignore.