how to shoot a wedding

cover of Weddings: From Snapshots to Great ShotsI recently had the opportunity to catch up with friend and fellow photographer Suzy Clement, a San Francisco wedding photographer whose work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Town and Country Weddings and InStyle Weddings, to name a few. As the author of the recently released book Weddings: From Snapshots to Great Shots
, Suzy writes about core shooting basics in a very accessible manner (if you are secretly tech-challenged, you'll get this). For new photographers considering the wedding industry, this book is a great introduction to the fundamentals of photography within the context of a typical wedding day.


Wedding checklist for photographers

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We've got a big wedding coming up this weekend, and that means we have some preparation to do in order to be ready for the weekend. We go through this routine every Friday afternoon, or the day prior to the wedding. It's critical to have a routine that you follow each time. That way you know you're covered. Follow our wedding photography checklist and you will be well prepared on your upcoming wedding shoot.

Wedding Photography Checklist:

1. Clean the Gear -Geoff goes through each piece of equipment, cleans dust out of the lenses, checks the camera body, makes sure everything is in good working order. Every lens gets cleaned. You don't want some pesky dust spot on every image.

2. Charge the Batteries-We always carry extra flash batteries, you never know if you'll need it or end up with a dead battery.


Preparing for Your First WeddingYou’ve been trying to break into the photo business for a few months now. After many dedicated months of studying the business of photography, playing with your equipment and convincing family members to model for you, you finally have your very first gig!

This could be shooting a wedding of a friend or co-worker who didn't have the budget for a pro, or you could be tagging along as a second shooter. Doesn't matter. This is your first wedding and you want to make it count!