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photography business plan

The Secret to Creating the Photography Business of your DreamsHow's business going for you? How many bookings do you have lined up for next year? There are many different areas of your business to focus on: improving your photography, redesigning your website, getting a new brochure, making better sample albums, pricing, your Facebook page and so forth.

For most wedding photographers, it comes down to one thing-bookings. If you don’t have enough wedding bookings for 2012, you won't survive the year.

Your photo business is made up of distinct and unique parts. Sales is different from marketing. Marketing is different from business development. What's the difference, and how does this relate to your photography business?


booking bridesMany wedding photographers consider the high end bride to be the holy grail of wedding photography. It’s more glamorous, exciting, more money to be made, and of course, that’s where all the “cool people” in wedding photography are, right?