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This week's guest post is by Eli Powell, a wedding photographer based in Boulder, Colorado.  Before escaping the corporate box, Eli was a consulting engineer.  The creative juice behind Eli Powell Photography, Eli continually strives to improve his work & business (sometimes to no avail!).

Do you know what your clients want? I mean, what they really want? I've found that in most cases, I don't, so I have to ask. There are lots of photographers out there that can meet your client's needs, but only a handful that can identify and meet their wants. So to book the work and thrill your clients, you have to discover their needs and wants, then deliver the goods! READ MORE

Katie Humphreys This article is by guest blogger Katie Humphreys. She's co-founder and Chief Action Officer of MatchStick Strategies. As a photographer herself, she loves working with other photographers to reach their business goals using content marketing.

No matter how long you’ve been in business, you rely on word of mouth and your marketing efforts to book enough jobs to sustain your business year after year. But it’s not enough to just book any client…you want to attract the right client!

Because when you spend more time strategically working to attract the right client, you end up spending less time (if any at all) dealing with the hassle that comes from the wrong clients and more time building relationships with clients you adore. It’s a win win.

So what’s the secret to attracting the right clients to your photography business? READ MORE

cover of Go To Guide for Client Emails

Photographer Email Templates: Every photographer needs email templates to run an efficient studio. Why waste hours responding to email questions when you could use templates instead?

Looking for photographer email templates? Do you stress out about how to respond to client emails? Especially when they are asking something that makes you uncomfortable, like how come your prints are priced higher than Costco or why can't they get products for free? This is a special problem that most businesses don't experience. I mean, can you imagine walking into a Macy's, and after purchasing a handbag, becoming absolutely irate to learn that the matching pair of shoes are not included??