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PBH_Whats_a_Wedding_Worth_to_YouIn my previous article we strategized that maximizing profits beats reducing costs.

But a lot of photographers have tunnel vision when it comes to how much their average wedding is worth to them.

One of the things that trips us up are the standard “rules” for determining how much of your sales should go to photography marketing. You’ve probably heard them. I know I’ve heard it said often to earmark 5%. That is, if you want to gross $100,000, for example, that 5% of that ($5000) should go to your marketing.

I think there’s a better way to figure this stuff out.


Google+ is the social media site that was designed for photographers. It's the best place for photographers to interact with other photographers to learn about and be inspired by photography. But don't think you are going to find your friends and family there. It's not Facebook.

Aside from sheer inspiration, it makes sense to hang out on Google+ if you are a photo educator since that's where your potential customers are. But otherwise it's a bit of a ghost town … so far.

However, even if your target audience is not photographers, a presence on Google+ can still go a long way to help your business.

How? Search engine results.

But before we get to that, let's look at how Google+ works.


This week's article comes  from Melanie Shields, a wedding and portrait photographer from Ottawa, Canada. After graduating from Algonquin College’s Photography Program in 2003 she worked in fashion publications but found her true passion in wedding photography. She  photographs 25 weddings a year and countless portrait sessions. Her work has been featured on, Ottawa Wedding Magazine and other  publications.

Group buying sites became increasingly popular about two years ago and started multiplying rapidly making the allure of quick money and promise of new paying customers who want your service appealing to small and large businesses. They guarantee paying customers who have purchased your gift voucher, but here is why this doesn't work for photographers. Although it may have seemed like a good idea when group buying sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, TeamBuy and  Dealfind just to name a few, came along to promote your business I feel the photography industry has realized how it is hurting our trade.


As photographers, it's our job to sell our services and convince clients that our artistic abilities and products have a value worth paying a premium for. It's important in creating a strong brand based on value, instead of a brand that is perceived to be “cheap.” How do we do that? How can we create the message of value for our services?


This week's article comes to us from G.E. Masana is a NYC based wedding photographer and author of “Advertise and Sell Your Wedding Photography” published by Marathon Press. His roster of clients have spanned from the Beauty Editor of ELLE to actors, cinematographers, and even a NYC art gallery owner. He was previously was on “The List” of contributing photographers for Martha Stewart Weddings. NYC Wedding Photographer.

“I'm starting a wedding photography business. How do I get my name out there?” Should I be on or is better? Should I do bridal shows or not? What kind of business cards should I use? What should I say? Should I take out an ad or…?”