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This week we welcome back guest blogger Matteo Cuzzola from Milan. Matteo travels all over Europe to photograph weddings, and developed an efficient photography workflow system. He shares his system with PhotoMint readers, and I think you’ll enjoy the simplicity and ease of workflow. Here’s a bit more about Matteo:

If you like stories in pictures, travelling and food, we’re going to be good friends. I am an enthusiastic photographer since childhood and I have the privilege of documenting the most important moments in people’s lives. To see Matteo’s work, visit his website: Matteo Cuzzola.

Photography Workflow for Wedding Photographers

Implementing a consistent photography workflow for a professional photographer is an important part of organizing the job.

Only in a structured way can all phases of work be efficient and safe. The working essential parameters for a wedding photographer, but not limited to weddings, are the following:

– Efficiency (time and resources savings)
– Quality
– Effectiveness (goals)
– Backups
– Minimum downtime

Once we understand how to implement a backup and a consistent and efficient workflow, we can ensure a high quality product for our clients.

The workflow that respects the prerogatives of a professional photographer must cover all phases of work:  READ MORE

This week guest blogger Wendy Roe steps in for me while I am out of the office. Wendy has spent the last 10 years ingrained in all things web marketing – from design/development to search/social media. In May 2010, she quit the corporate life and joined forces with her husband, Byron Roe, of Byron Roe Photography, based in Bend, Oregon to shoot full-time one of life’s ultimate highs – weddings! 

She is the co-author of “55 Smart Web Ideas for Photographers” , a 2-time speaker at WPPI Photographer’s Ignite, and has traveled the west coast speaking and consulting with photographers. 

Are you one of those photographers that doesn't want to outsource your album design (that's just too scary!) but you also don't want to spend endless, countless, hand cramping hours custom designing your client's album? I totally get it and think I may have found a great solution to your quandary. It's called the ‘auto' feature in the Fundy Album Builder Photoshop plugin. If you haven't looked at this product and need some help with your album layouts, take 15 mins and (link to their page, videos on the home page) to get started and you'll be well on your way to realizing the value of this simple product. Spending approx 15 minutes with their video tutorials gave me all the ammo I needed to jump start into my own album and get the hang of the buttons. Kudos to Fundy for the great tutorials and making software easy to understand, that's a feat in and of it itself.