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This week we welcome back guest blogger Matteo Cuzzola from Milan. Matteo travels all over Europe to photograph weddings, and developed an efficient photography workflow system. He shares his system with PhotoMint readers, and I think you’ll enjoy the simplicity and ease of workflow. Here’s a bit more about Matteo:

If you like stories in pictures, travelling and food, we’re going to be good friends. I am an enthusiastic photographer since childhood and I have the privilege of documenting the most important moments in people’s lives. To see Matteo’s work, visit his website: Matteo Cuzzola.

Photography Workflow for Wedding Photographers

Implementing a consistent photography workflow for a professional photographer is an important part of organizing the job.

Only in a structured way can all phases of work be efficient and safe. The working essential parameters for a wedding photographer, but not limited to weddings, are the following:

– Efficiency (time and resources savings)
– Quality
– Effectiveness (goals)
– Backups
– Minimum downtime

Once we understand how to implement a backup and a consistent and efficient workflow, we can ensure a high quality product for our clients.

The workflow that respects the prerogatives of a professional photographer must cover all phases of work:  READ MORE

A guest post by Vivian Chen.

I have been working for other photographers for over the past five years. Within that time, I have been able to connect and work with a lot of other photographers in the Bay Area. I have worked both in the studio doing post-production editing and album design as well as second shooting for other photographers. The obvious end result of this is that I have seen and edited a lot of wedding photos. I would guess the total would be in the millions at this point. And while that number might make you dizzy to think, all those photos I've seen and edited are a valuable resource as a photographer.


photoshop vs. lightroomPhotoshop vs. Lightroom – which should you use? What software is going to be the better choice?  Part of the difficulty in this decision is that there is now more overlap between the two products than there used to be, so that makes the decision less straightforward.