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pregnant photographer

Shooting weddings when pregnantWondering how you will manage your photo business while pregnant? I recently researched this topic and unearthed many great resources. If you are a pregnant photographer or trying to figure out how to photograph weddings during your pregnancy, here you'll find a great collection of tips, stories, advice and shared experiences. This might just be the most comprehensive collection of pregnant photographer stories anywhere! These honest and open mommas share experiences on everything from morning sickness


shooting while pregantOne of our PhotoMint readers recently asked for some advice on how to shoot while pregnant, so I talked to a number of photographers who have been there and done that, so I can report back. If you're thinking about a pregnancy now or in the near future, there are probably a million questions running through your mind:

What do I tell my clients? How to make it work financially? How long can I shoot for? How long after the birth before I should plan to shoot again? How do I nurse at weddings? We'll get to all those questions and more.