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Networking with PhotographersToday I have a surprise for you on the PhotoMint blog. Today's post is actually a video. And it's my first video ever, so I am expecting some MAJOR comment love, OK? OK. A lot of people have been asking about networking and how that can lead to business and booking brides and clients. So this video is about how you can network in order build your business. This video is about networking with other photographers in order to pool your photography marketing resources together. It's a great way to get more business, and who doesn't need a little more of that these days, right?

Marketing Secret WeaponWhen it comes to marketing, what is your secret weapon that gets you dozens of new weddings each year? Ponder this concept for a moment. What's really working for your business? Hmm. Not sure huh? OK, well I tell you what. I'm going to introduce you to one of the secret weapons in our vault of high performing photography marketing tactics. And it's not advertising in the traditional sense.

Photography Marketing = Sample Albums


Sample albums are a VERY effective part of our strategy. We create these for many of our best weddings and all the vendors we would like to get more referrals from. I'm going to explain our process in detail.