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A Photographer's 3 Step System for Add-On Sales

You can add significant income to your bottom line by designing and offering a great selection of add-on products for your customers. However, in order to sell them, you will need to develop your sales tools, create a sales environment and plant the seeds for a sale.

wedding albums

Adding extra pages to the wedding album is the best way to increase your income with wedding photography.

Have you been thinking about how to increase your studio's revenue? After sales is a fantastic way to do it. There are three steps you need to make it work for your studio. Your photography business should always be growing and improving-here's how to grow your profits.


Wedding albums are a great way to add profit to your studio.

In any business there are 3 things you can do to increase your profits. You can raise your prices or you can make your packages smaller (thereby cutting your costs) but the only thing you accomplish with those 2 tricks is making your competitor look better. Your third alternative is to think outside the box.