wedding albums

8 Production Workflow Beast TipsAs the spring and summer season begin to heat up, photographers are faced with the problem of getting our digital workflow under control, or getting buried. If you don't get your production workflow streamlined now, it will be difficult to grow your photo business to its fullest potential.

Getting out from under the pile of albums that begin building up at the start of summer is not easy, especially since that pile starts on top of last seasons unfinished albums. Oh yes, I am intimately familiar with the production workflow beast. But guess what? I know how to tame it too. Read on for my best tips. Here are eight tips for getting things under control.


Wedding albums are a great way to add profit to your studio.

In any business there are 3 things you can do to increase your profits. You can raise your prices or you can make your packages smaller (thereby cutting your costs) but the only thing you accomplish with those 2 tricks is making your competitor look better. Your third alternative is to think outside the box.