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Take photos of client albums so you can show the different cover style options. This is a photo plate cover from Leather Craftsmen with spine imprinting.

One of the biggest questions new professional photographers have is where to meet with clients. It can be really nerve wracking because you are unsure of yourself and your pricing. The phrase “What I am thinking!?!” probably runs through your mind at least once a day. You want to appear to be a professional, and yet you don't have the experience, the professional portfolio or product samples that you would like to have. Add to that that you have to meet clients at Starbucks, so unprofessional!

Actually, it's only unprofessional if you allow it to be. It's all in your attitude and the way you present yourself. You can turn this into a quick positive by reframing it as your commitment to customer service is meeting clients in a location convenient for them. You are all about service. See what a difference a simple change in attitude can make?

Here are some tips on how to make the most of client meetings in public spaces. READ MORE