Testimonials for Get Published: A Guide for Wedding Photographers

Getting published is a learned skill. If mastered, it can pay you back huge dividends. The problem is it's a skill set nobody knows until they either figure it out on their own (have a good time with that) or someone very kind shares it with you. Lara White has given you that gift here. Get it, read it, implement it… to your own success.”

~Dane Sanders,
author of Fast Track Photographer

This is THE guide for wedding photographers who want to get published and amp up their business strategy and processes!”

~Karina Timmel,
Editor-in-Chief, Get Married magazine

PhotoMint's ebook Get Published: A Guide For Wedding Photographers is a must read for any photographer looking to get their weddings published. The information is easy to understand and follow and the best part is, it's free. Years of experience and hours of sweat and passion went into this amazing book. It's the cliff notes for getting published. Do yourself a favor download this book and get to work. When your weddings hit the news-stands be sure to return the favor to a fellow photographer and give back, just as Lara White did for you when she published this amazing tool.”

~Robert Evans,
Celebrity Wedding Photographer

This guide includes all the tips we wish we could tell each photographer who is looking to be published. We HIGHLY recommend that photographers read this valuable resource! “

 ~Heather and Kimberly, 
Style Unveiled, Editorial Team

Very easy-to-read, well thought-out, and I love the step-by-step tips, as well as the sample photographs to get photographers thinking about what they should shoot to get published!…Great stuff.”

~Kimberlee West,
The Boudoir Divas

Very thorough and comprehensive. Great detailed advice along with great  photo examples. You walk the reader through the submission process step-by-step which is very important since so many photographers don't know where to start when it comes to submitting their work.”

~Kevin Chin,
Top Wedding Photographer, Bay Area

Just suberb. Seriously brilliant.”

~Ed Dale,
Internet Marketing Expert

Get this book right now! If you aren’t taking advantage of the insider secrets Lara shares in “Get Published: A Guide for Wedding Photographers” your photography business is missing out.”

~Michelle Walker,
Top Wedding & Travel Photographer, San Francisco

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