PhotoMint Celebrates Milestones

PhotoMint Celebrates A MilestonePhotoMint is celebrating its four month birthday next week, and I wanted to share with everyone some of the milestones we are particularly proud of.

Just last night we reached 2,000 fans on Facebook. That was quite a milestone for us and we have you to thank for it. Because you've been active on our Facebook page, it's a great page and full of activity. If you arent a fan yet, you can like us in the box to the right to help us keep growing.

On the blog we are getting over 5,500 readers each month.

That's kind of incredible, considering how new we are. Again, it's because readers have helped us spread the word.

In November we were featured in Rangefinder magazine, and next month we are proud to be featured in Professional Photographer.

Better than all those milestones though is the hundreds of emails we have received from readers saying how much they have learned from PhotoMint and how critical the advice is for their businesses. That's what keeps us going, truly. In our own photography business, we learned exactly what it takes to get to the top, and we want to help as many photographers as possible to reach their dreams as well. It's not easy to find quality information. Most successful photographers will tell you things like “raise your prices and start getting what you deserve!” But they never tell you exactly how to do that, the meat and potatoes details as Julia Woods likes to say.

In coming months, you can expect much more from us. As many of you know, we are feverishly working to get our next ebook released, and this is going to be a game changer for you. I can't wait to share it. This next book picks up where the “Get Published” guide leaves off. We don’t have an exact price yet, but I can tell you that it's going to be very affordable, and well worth 10 times the cost. I lay out our entire marketing to vendors strategy, which is responsible for 75% of our bookings. So if you need to learn how to get more bookings, this book is really going to help you. I will let you know the moment it becomes available!

Not bad for four months, right? Well here's to the next four months, may we all survive and thrive. Fight your way forward, it’s the only way. And PhotoMint will be here to provide you with strategies, advice and tips every step of the way.

Thanks to everyone for your support and for helping spread the word about PhotoMint. It's because of you that we have grown so quickly.

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