Top 10 Most Useful Blogs for Photographers

Besides PhotoMint, there are a few more blogs you might want to add to your weekly reading list. These are my favorites and the ones I think you will enjoy as well. If you don’t have time to read business books regularly, reading short articles on photography business related blogs is a great way to keep up to date with new techniques, tips and tricks. With the slower season upon us, there is no better time to start educating yourself about photography business tips and tricks.

1)    The Modern Tog

The Modern Tog by Jamie Swanson takes the number one spot because this blog is filled with excellent business advice that helps photographers build a better business, find greater success with marketing strategies and earn more money. Its hype free, good stuff. If you read this blog regularly, your business will certainly benefit.

Psychology for Photographers

Psychology for Photographers continues to blow me away with its incredible insight into the minds of our clients and how to create a better experience for our clients and ourselves. The author, Jenika has an M.A. in clinical psychology and runs her own photography business. The way she is able to put together the two fields of knowledge is just incredible, and if you read her stuff regularly, your understanding of your clients will improve dramatically.

3)    Photography Concentrate

Photography Concentrate is another one of my favorites because Rob & Lauren Lim, two Canadian photographers put out so much fantastic information for photographers that is super simple to understand and extremely relateable. As if that's not enough, they frequently put out these crazy-good posing guides, totally free.

Elizabeth Halford

Elizabeth Halford is a photographer in England who blogs from the heart about what she has learned in business. What is so refreshing about her blog is that she doesn’t worry about her image or pretend things like “Oh, every single one of my clients LOVE me, and never complain!” She speaks honestly and openly about the challenges we all face.

Ground Glass

Ground Glass by Spencer Lum addresses many of the issues facing the professional wedding industry. The blog takes a hard look at serious issues and encourages us to “course correct” when we get away from our original purpose as photographers. It's truly beautiful and incredibly moving.

6)    The Photo Life

This consistently excellent blog focuses on useful business tips and tricks for photographers. It's put out by Pictage and has a number of regular writers who share their secrets for success in portraits and weddings. Topics include everything from how to sell large wall portraits to how to connect with your wedding clients on the day.

7)    Tofurious

Tofurious is the alter ego of photographer Lawrence Chan, and he shares his insights into what makes clients tick. The blog focuses on pricing, marketing tidbits and SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. And Lawrence's love of food.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an international business and marketing powerhouse. She puts out 5-minute weekly videos that address challenges and issues facing most small businesses. Her advice is spot on, and she is able to get to the heart of the matter very quickly. If you need a weekly confidence boost, this is where to get it.

9)    Photography 
Web Marketing 

Zach Prez is an established SEO expert in the photography industry, but his blog tackles so much more. Marketing, social media and online web presence for photographers all topics you can find here.

10)Digital Photography School

This comprehensive blog focuses mainly on the craft of photography, gear and post production. There's also a weekly photo challenge, which is a fantastic way to improve your skills and keep personal projects alive. It's great for both amateurs and professionals.

There you have it! These are my top blogs that I read each week and have been sharing with PhotoMint readers via Twitter and Facebook. If you have trouble keeping up with blogs, check out PhotoMint's post on how to set up Google Reader. You can set up Google Reader as a home base for all the blogs you like to read regularly so you don’t miss anything. It's a great replacement for TMZ and other celebrity news. OK, maybe that's just me…

What are your favorite blogs for photographers?







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