11 Cool Ways to Earn Part Time Cash from Photography

Earn Money From PhotographyIf you are looking to earn some part time cash with your photography skills or build up your skill set, here are 11 different ideas to get you going. Craigslist.org is a great place for finding temp jobs and part time gigs. While these positions may not be the most creative outlet for your photography skills, the opportunity is in learning the essential people skills needed to create great images, learning about the sales process at a chain studio, networking and building up your skill set.

Many of these are seasonal gigs so you’ll need to look out for them a month or so before the season begins. Just remember, every great photographer gets their start somewhere!

  • Santa Booth at the Mall
  • Easter Bunny Photo Booth
  • Youth sports teams
  • Assistant/second shooter for weddings
  • Portrait studios
  • School Yearbook Portrait Studio
  • Karate competitions
  • Running a photo booth at weddings
  • Newborn photographer for a local hospital
  • Local magazines & newspapers
  • Real estate photographer

These different gigs can be used to simply fill in your schedule, make new connections, and improve your skills. Learn everything you can-you never know what direction your photography will go in, and the skills you learn along the way can be put to good use. For example, from the mall Santa and Easter Bunny photo booth you might learn how to deal with small children, how to organize payment options and collection on the spot, upsell opportunities, etc. At a local hospital, you might network with doctors who have their own practices and need images to fill their walls. Running a photo booth at a wedding will expose you to getting people to relax and get silly for the camera. Assisting a wedding photographer will give you access to the world of wedding photography (my specialty) and weddings are a beast of their own. The point is, there are so many different opportunities out there. Go grab one!

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