How We Got Started in Photography

How We Got Started in PhotographyPeople often ask Geoff and I how we got started in photography. It’s funny the way your life comes together in ways you never would have imagined.

Back in 2000, Geoff had just sold his tech company and took a year off to contemplate his next adventure. He bought a brand new Winnebago and traveled the country for a few months, focusing on his love of landscape photography.

Meanwhile I stayed back home as I was an Executive Director of a non-profit and was focused on raising millions for charity.

Geoff’s adventures took him to Texas, New Mexico, New Orleans, Florida, the keys, up through North Carolina, on to New York, and then across Canada heading back home to California.

When Geoff got back home a few months later, he knew he wanted to pursue photography professionally. He had long admired the landscape photographers George Lepp, Peter Lick and Galen Rowell.

While we investigated landscape photography opportunities, I had been nurturing a passion for events, which was one of my focuses as a fundraiser. Somehow the combination of skills, passion and ability to enter the market led us to wedding photography.

What’s funny is that when I was growing up, my dad was a wedding photographer. I guess photography was in my genes!

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