Resources for Pregnant Photographers: New Mommas Share Experiences and Tips for Shooting While Pregnant

Shooting weddings when pregnantWondering how you will manage your photo business while pregnant? I recently researched this topic and unearthed many great resources. If you are a pregnant photographer or trying to figure out how to photograph weddings during your pregnancy, here you'll find a great collection of tips, stories, advice and shared experiences. This might just be the most comprehensive collection of pregnant photographer stories anywhere! These honest and open mommas share experiences on everything from morning sickness

at a wedding, fertility issues (and shooting maternity sessions while fighting fertility issues!), figuring out how to balance your family with your business, miscarriages and pumping on the job. Oh yes, if you are a newly pregnant photographer and gathering everything you possibly can on this subject, you've come to the right place. I've googled, sifted, sorted and looked under every online nook and cranny to find the very best information on this subject. You can also check out PhotoMint's article on shooting weddings while pregnant.

Amazing Advice from Pregnant Photographers and Professional Momtogs

Chenin Boutwell's FAQ's for New Mommies that addresses shooting while pregnant, nursing at weddings and everything in between.

Jen Skog blogs about her personal journey to getting pregnant, including the miscarriages and fertility treatments.

Advice from Stephanie Karen, a wedding photographer mom of four (including twins) and making the difficult decision to take time off after her twins were born.

Drew B of shares her advice on how to survive being a pregnant photographer. Drew didn't realize how much being pregnant would affect her business. She shares her lessons learned, including to take flip flops to change into at weddings when your feet swell!

Charlotte Geary blogs about her ordeal with morning sickness, and how she dealt with it on wedding shoots.

Photographer Jennifer Buehrer of Luna Dulce shares her pregnant photographer wedding day essentials to keep you hydrated, fed and on your feet for an all-day shoot.

Jocelyn of Studio Mathewes shares her approach to wedding days and a backup plan. Since this is her second time around the block, she knows when to push on through and when take it easy.

Recommended Resources for Pregnant Photographers:

  • Nice flip flops for changing into if your feet start to swell
  • Maternity Support helps with back support.
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote if you plan to pump at weddings, this is the way to go and allows you to pump more, and more quickly
  • lots of water & protein bars for meals on the go
  • an assistant to carry your bags and shove protein bars into your mouth  (women say this added cost was a key factor in getting through the day)
  • A backup plan and cell phone numbers for a photographer who can step in on a moment's notice

What else? Please add your thoughts in the comments and this list will be updated! You can also check out this roundup of pregnant photographer stories and resources

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